Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Healing Wands generate peace within our soul, bring calm to a restless spirit and silence to the constant chatter in busy minds.  The beautiful purple and green striations make them the ideal stone for ‘Indigo Children’ helping them to stay safe from people who tap into your energy and steal your joy.  This Wand can be used to cleanse and repair your auric field and protect and ground you in stressful situations.

Fluorite often grows in perfect cube formations.  This perfection is reflected in our health as its one of the few stones which resonates with the entire body promoting the desire for ‘perfect health’.  Use this wand to scan your physical body and eliminate toxins or other free radicals which are not serving you in a positive way.  Rainbow Fluorite seeks out and repairs poor immune systems, areas of inflammation, all respiratory ailments and nervous complaints.  Fluorite also strengthens teeth and bones.